Hi Shufflers and friends,

Two years ago, we launched Shuffle to the public with the idea of creating podcast clips and helping users share the best content in podcasts. Since then, we listened to your feedback and pivoted the product multiple times to make podcasting fun and social. With your help and participation, our product went from a ghost town to little pockets of community love.

Despite our efforts and your participation, however, the team had to confront some hard truths: Shuffle’s rate of growth has been slow and challenging. While there is an ever growing list of improvements we can make, none of them seem like they’d make an actual dent in the trajectory. We hated to admit it, but with cashflow dwindling, it was time to flip the page and start a new chapter.

We’re sunsetting the Shuffle app, effective Feb 1, 2022. On that date and after, the app will no longer be functional.

We apologize sincerely for the distress this may cause you. We’re going to reach out to individual communities to help everyone transition.

We’re super grateful for the opportunity to serve you and all the podcasting communities out there. Although we couldn’t meet our goals, the journey was unforgettable and it wouldn’t have been so without all of you.

Hopefully, we will be back in the near future to create a better user experience for y’all. Until then,



Gilbert Leung (https://twitter.com/gilbert_leung)

CTO & Co-founder